Loved by our community

"Better than I expected and even more fun to ride than I imagined!"

David S., 15.01.2021

"I was most impressed by TIER because of its smooth and safe driving experience. The myTIER is the absolute monster truck among e-scooters."

Dennis K., 20.06.2020

"Very robust and reliable. The Bluetooth lock is very convenient. Awesome battery performance."

Aleksandar D., 15.10.2020

"The perfect way to travel that's also fun. Parking, traffic jams and pollution are no longer an issue. I enjoy the ease of getting around."

Janine I., 20.04.2020

"myTIER has become my favorite way to get around. Driving about town is so much fun. The scooter is flexible and robust and takes up very little space."

Volker S., 15.01.2021

Safe on the go through your city

myTIER - the best e-scooter in the ADAC test from 06/2020 in the category of safety and durability. Smart, robust and street legal for private use.

Optimal performance, fast loading.

With a range of 30 km * you are optimally equipped with the myTIER GO. Even better: with the free power charger you can minimize your charging time.

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100% driving fun, also off-road.

The more environmentally friendly alternative that also puts you in a good mood : The very robust construction makes driving even off-road fun.

Stay safe on the Go

myTIER is the test winner in the category safety and durability (ADAC 06/2020). It's uniquely smart and robust and ready to ride with road approval for private use.

Go directly from A to B

With a maximum range of 30 km*, you can get through the (working) week in the best possible way. In addition, you save precious time with our powercharger, because thanks to the top-class charger, your myTIER GO is fully charged in just 2.7 hours instead of the usual 5.5 hours.

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Ride with 100% e-power

The more environmentally friendly alternative that also boosts your mood: With myTIER, avoiding traffic jams and finding parking spots is a breeze. Save precious time and enjoy the fresh air with a clear conscience.

Über 25 Millionen Fahrten

The smart and robust e-scooter is known from the popular sharing mobility fleet by TIER . Millions of successful trips have already been made with our scooters.

TIER is pioneering micro-mobility

Over 25 million rides

The smart and robust e-scooter is known from TIER's popular sharing mobility fleet. Millions of successful trips have already been made with our scooters.

Climate-neutral since 2020

Our mission is to change mobility for good. That's why TIER is the first micro-mobility provider to be completely carbon neutral. Learn more

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15 days free returns

*For electric vehicles, the range is influenced in particular by outside temperatures, driving behavior, load and road conditions.

*Paypal financing subject to credit check.


Good choice
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- High quality metal finish
- Custom fit for your myTIER
- Portable e-scooter lock + 4A-Powercharger

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